Consulting & capital procurement for company acquisitions

We offer you:

  • Well-founded advice with performance-related payment
  • More than 20 years expertise
  • Procurement of capital for purchase price payment
  • Free initial consultation

Strategy consulting and capital procurement for company acquisitions

You would like to buy a company and weigh up the opportunities and risks in advance? Do you want a quick and precise assessment of the company acquisition at fair conditions? Our experts with over 20 years of experience are at your side. We will assist you from the first check of the purchase project through the clarification of tax/legal questions to the successful conclusion of the contract. We identify the appropriate form of financing and support you in raising capital.

Our gift for your company purchase:

Free white paper “The 5 most important steps in company acquisitions”. Learn valuable tips for a secure company acquisition. Additionally, you will receive an exclusive voucher for our initial consultation worth € 225,-.

Company acquisitions with EVERTO – Your advantages

Time saving

Quick estamination - short term realization

Expert knowledge

Certified consultants with many years of experience



Performance-based payment without risk


Project-specific advice without a long commitment


We will find the right company for you

The proven EVERTO consulting process for your company acquisition


Quick-Check of the target company

The EVERTO-Quick-Check provides a well-founded assessment of the purchase project within five days.

Negotiations with the company vendor

First contact with the vendor by EVERTO. Discussion and comparison of mutual ideas.

Detailed analysis of the company’s earning power

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses in relation to the following points:

  • Profotablitity of the company
  • Future earning power of the company on the basis of the corporate strategy
  • Maximum achievable performance/potential with existing competencies and resources

We analyze and relate corporate strategy and management potential. We reliably check whether the company goals can be realistically achieved. A possible purchase price for the company is determined on the basis of this evaluation.

For this purpose, we offer you three different service packages:
comfort, business and premium.


Negotiation of the purchase price

Your personal EVERTO-Advisor will advice you on the optimal transaction structure in consideration of the individual factors and assist you in the purchase price negotiations.

Capital procurement and company acquisition

EVERTO provides comprehensive advice on the entire capital procurement process. We do not only concentrate on classic bank loans, but also look for financing alternatives.

EVERTO – Your strong partner for company acquisitions

We simply offer you more:

  • Fast assessment with the EVERTO-Quick-Check in 5 days
  • Inexpensive advice with a favorable all-inclusive monthly fee
  • Unique solution and service portfolio

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Everto Consulting

  • Raising capital for purchase price payment
  • Free initial consultation
  • High flexibility with minimal risk
  • Over 20 years of expertise in consulting

Secure all EVERTO advantages around your company purchase now!

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Everto Consulting – because you benefit from our experience in company acquisitions

Thank you for your interest in our consulting services for company acquisitions. Our specialized Everto Consulting team can look back on more than 20 years of experience in supporting and handling company acquisitions and transfers. You will benefit from our know-how, with which we can also lead your company acquisition to success.

Everto Consulting – because we see the acquisition of a company as a communication task

Our strength is fast market cultivation. We do not waste time with lengthy and cost-intensive value assessments of existing companies for sale, but provide you with a quick check of the target company within five days as a basis for assessing your purchase plan.

Because we know: A company has exactly the value at which the owner is willing to sell, the buyer is willing to buy and a third party is willing to ensure appropriate liquidity.

For us, the acquisition of a company is a structured process in which both the buyer’s and the seller’s point of view must be taken into account. No matter whether you buy a company to continue operating it yourself or whether you are a strategic investor and would like to gain access to new customers and products through the acquisition – we will help you to successfully complete your company acquisition. We use digital forms of distribution and thus support a quick implementation of your project. On request, we also develop a viable concept for the overall financing of the company acquisition.

Everto Consulting – because we make sure that your company purchase does not fail due to the financing

The financing of company acquisitions is not part of the standard business of most banks and local banks. Rarely do these institutions provide growth capital for corporate development. As a result, many company acquisitions fail to be financed. This is one of our strengths: Apart from bank financing, we look for solutions for you to solve one of the central obstacles to company acquisitions: financing. Examples include the use of equity capital, a restructuring of financing to several special financiers or a vendor loan.

Everto Consulting – because we guarantee a structured process with a reality check

With our five steps in the proven Everto process for a successful company acquisition, we analyze potential target companies in a quick check on your behalf, get in touch with the seller, take a look at the future earning power and potential of the company, negotiate the sales price and create viable financing concepts. We make sure that you are always informed about the progress of the process.

You would like to have a competent and experienced partner at your side for your company acquisition? Talk to us and make an appointment without obligation for an initial consultation!