Everto - the competent partner for successful company sales

We offer you:

  • Fast implementation due to methodical approach
  • An extensive contact network and contact to interested parties
  • Experienced M+A consultants with transaction management know-how
  • Long-standing cooperation with family offices and investment companies as potential buyers
  • Free initial consultation with draft of a solution sketch

Company sale – your current situation

  • Your company is part of your life’s work.
  • You want to sell it, whatever the reason may be.
  • Of course you want to get a reasonable price for it.
  • It is important for you what happens to your company afterwards.

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Why does this task seem too difficult for many?

Many decisions

In the context of a company sale, many decisions have to be made in the right order and in a short sequence. This includes, among other things:

  • Family situation
  • Amount of enterprise value
  • Tax situation
  • Possible hereditary questions
  • Business management issues

Temporal stress

Entrepreneurs underestimate the time required for a company acquisition. This is done in parallel to day-to-day business and the company’s further development.


Disclosure of a company sale

A company is a “living” organism. The early announcement of a company sale can have negative effects on customers, employees and suppliers and thus on the purchase price. Here the sale of a property differs from that of a family business.


Missing network

Entrepreneurs often do not have a classical network and the suitable address of prospective customers. This is natural, after all, most sell a business for the first time. All of this follows that the sole successful sale of a company will rather remain the exception.


All this leads to the conclusion that the sole successful sale of a company is more likely to remain the exception.

Company sale with the EVERTO satisfaction guarantee

Everto has a rigorous methodological process. This ensures that the right decisions are made at the right time.

Everto as a service provider appeals to potential interested parties on your behalf and introduces you to parties within your company. We have then already examined their financial possibilities of purchase and purchase price amount for you. We do this methodically and discreetly, so that your protection needs are taken into account and we still reach our goal or conclusion quickly. Through our extensive network, we professionally address potential buyers so that they are also in a position to make a quick decision.

For our entire procedure we give you a satisfaction guarantee. This makes a clear statement: Not satisfied? No invoice from us without ifs and buts.

The high number of projects implemented annually and the high satisfaction of our customers reinforce our approach.

Get all EVERTO advantages around your company sale now!

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Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Everto Consulting

The partner for your company sale

Because your life’s work counts – Company sales with Everto Consulting

Thank you for your interest in our consulting services! We are your specialists for company sales. With more than 20 years of market experience, we understand the challenges and complexity associated with selling a business.

Everto Consulting – Because we accompany your company sale neutrally and with expertise

If you want to sell your company, why are we the right partner at your side? Because we have many years of experience in supporting the sale of companies. We know: It depends on the targeted sales strategy. Everto has a broad contact network and good connections to interested parties. “Mergers & Acquisitions” (M&A) is our specialty. We rely on experienced M&A consultants with a lot of transaction management know-how.

When you plan to sell your business, there is usually a lot of emotion involved. You want an appropriate price to be paid for your life’s work and want to hand over your company to trustworthy hands. We work with you to achieve this goal and use our analysis to create the basis to make the right decision. Based on an M&A analysis, a company valuation and due diligence, we compile meaningful information for potential buyers and develop a viable sales concept. Our focus: the individual marketing of your company with the aim of finding the right buyer. We accompany you closely, responsibly and confidentially – from the first contact with a potential buyer to the signing of the contract.

Everto Consulting – Because we give you a satisfaction guarantee

What can you expect from us? First of all, a reduction in complexity. This means: We outline all options for action within a previously defined period of time and thus provide you with the basis for a clear and well-founded decision. Our maxim is to find the best solution for you and your company. Like an architect for your company sale, we develop comprehensible and clearly structured recommendations for action and help you to find the right buyer for your company.

You do not enter into any long-term obligations with Everto Consulting. You will have the opportunity to review our work on a monthly basis. If you are not pleased with our work, we will not charge you for our services. No contentment – no bill. In addition, from the beginning of our cooperation, we ensure that you always remain in control of the process and only pay when you see progress. We can give you this guarantee with a clear conscience, because our many years of experience are our most valuable capital.

Let us talk about what Everto Consulting can do for you so that your sales plans can be successfully implemented and arrange a free initial consultation appointment.