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We do not sell time -
but success.

With more than 25 years of experience, we can offer you exceptional benefits.

We do not sell time-
but success.

With more than 25 years of experience, we can offer you exceptional benefits.

About us:

What makes us different:

Your success is our mission! And we put this into practice with personal commitment, unbridled passion and smart ideas. More than 25 years of experience in management consulting have made us into rich people – in knowledge and expertise. To be successful, you have to work hard, be determined and stand out. We live and act according to these principles. What makes the difference is that we recognize pitfalls, use setbacks as opportunities and think ahead in solutions. This is the reason for our success and the way we secure your success! You can expect more from us: responsibility, security, discretion and understanding. The factor human counts for us in all interests!

What makes us better:

Our expertise has its origins in the area of financing. This is where we are particularly strong in the market! Through this essential element, we quickly and directly entered the areas of growth strategies and company sales and acquisitions. And this with increasing success! In order to act quickly and safely for our clients, we have developed a methodically proven approach based on our experience. Our view focuses on the successful implementation of the entire project and not on the fulfilment of individual interests of the parties. The result of this working method brings us a high level of customer satisfaction and an annually increasing number of successfully implemented projects.

We would like to claim: With Everto Consulting you will reach your goal faster and safer without having to take a financial risk.

Bring your project to us!

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Our Services for your success

Strategy Consulting

Your company is changing – always. You navigate dynamically, flexibly and offensively through the tides of the markets. You need a strategy so that you can focus on the right aim and have a working plan for you. That’s why you get us on board. With expertise, foresight, financing models and methodical concepts, we equip you and your company perfectly to operate successfully. We don’t just advise you, we accompany you to your goal!

Company Purchase

You would like to buy a company – but with us as an experienced partner. We have known the market for over 25 years and therefore all the scenarios that are possible when buying. In this regard, our strength in the area of financing has a particularly positive effect on you. Classic bank loans or alternative forms of financing? Everto Consulting has the expertise and the possibilities to advise you optimally. And in your favour!

Company Sale

Succession planning, share sale or direct company sale? You have made up your mind; now you need us as a reliable partner at your side. With us you save money and valuable time. Thanks to our methodically proven approach over many years, we select potential buyers from the outset who can present financing that is pleasing to you. Only at the end, we await our earned success fee. Good reasons why you can count and rely on us!

We do not sell time-
but success.

Since we are paid almost exclusively on a performance basis, we have the same interests right from the start, i.e. not only the successful implementation of the company acquisition, but also the acquisition of the capital to cover the purchase price.

We are working with heart and mind!​

You will notice that we approach your projects with expert knowledge and expertise. Behind your and our success lies hard work and a clever strategy. In some situations, however, a sure instinct is required to reach your goal. This is important to us, because behind all companies stand people for whom our decisions play a major role. Get a first impression of us, our services and projects. Read what our customers have to say about us!

  • Kauf und Verkauf von Anteilen an einem mittelständischen Yachtinnenausstatter
    (ca. € 5,0 Mio. Umsatz)
  • Erarbeitung einer Nachfolgeregelung inkl. Management Buy-In eines deutschen Produktionsbetriebes
    (ca. € 8,0 Mio. Umsatz)
  • Verkauf eines Unternehmensholding mit mehreren Tochterfirmen
    (ca. € 10,0 Mio. Umsatz)
  • Verkauf einer Ferienwohnungsvermittlung in einer bevorzugten Tourismusregion
    (€2,0 Mio. Umsatz)

“First contact is a business for the CEO. Direct and discreet ways are self-evident.“

Thomas Salzmann, CEO,  Everto Consulting GmbH

A first, non-binding contact brings you clarity.
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Would you like to find out more about our services for you, get to know us personally or leave a callback request? We look forward to receiving your message, which we will respond to directly and discreetly.

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“First contact is a business for the CEO. Direct and discreet ways are self-evident.“

Thomas Salzmann, CEO,  Everto Consulting GmbH

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