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Our most important building blocks for a successful personnel strategy


Our assessment centers and development centers for disciplinary/technical (junior) managers are our core competencies. We identify existing talents and competencies of candidates or employees. For this purpose, we use selected diagnostic methods and provide you with a sound basis for your selection decision and the development of your employees. We also support the employees by discussing their development directly with them on the basis of the analysis.


Precise feedback is an elementary component of corporate and personnel development.
360° feedback is based on the principle of multi-perspectivity and provides an assessment of the competencies and performance of a manager from different perspectives. This provides a methodologically sound basis for targeted employee and team development.

Personnel consulting by experienced experts. Everto Consulting!

Aptitide assessment

The right employees with the right competences/skills in the right place are an important prerequisite in the area of restructuring as well as in the area of growth and development. The precise use of aptitude diagnostic tools makes an important contribution to the company’s development. Structured interviews, 360°-Feedbacks, Assessmentcenter and management performance tools are part of the methodological building block of Everto’s “Personnel Consulting” division.

Leadership development

Both in phases of restructuring and in phases of dynamic growth, the manager of a company has an important role to play. Providing orientation, courageously leading the way and setting an example are some of the tasks of managers in this context. Combined with strategic foresight, they are an essential component of success. We support your executives with targeted measures that have to be tailored to your company. By the correct employment of your coworkers as well as a stringent and professional company of your high performers you ensure that these place themselves to the point of the new development and are further carriers of the entrepreneurial success. The identification of potential and fields of action of the executives is the methodically sound basis for targeted development measures in the company.

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