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Succession planning and company sale

Succession planning or even the sale of a company is a complex matter in several ways. Ultimately, it is about the future of a living organization that has many connections to other people. Those are, among other things:

  • the customers
  • the employees
  • the suppliers
  • banks
  • tax / legal advisers
  • cooperation partners

As a result, it can be concluded that planning the future of a company is much more complex and subject to completely different processes than, for example, the sale of an investment property.

Succession planning and company sale for medium-sized companies

The problem arises from the following areas:

Different topic levels

for the entrepreneur, succession planning touches on a multitude of topics at different levels:

Personal level
What does the entrepreneur want himself? What are his own personal goals?

Emotional/Family level
Often such a task is preceded by a longer phase in which it is hoped and discussed whether an internal family solution can be found.

Business management
How is the company positioned, what are the next tasks and above all, what is the real value of the company?

Tax legislation
Of course, every transferor is inclined to pay as little taxes as possible on the proceeds of sale.

Themes of inheritance law
If a family solution cannot be ruled out after all, the question also arises as to how this should be treated under inheritance law.

Temporal dimension
Succession planning is a very time-consuming process that can hardly be managed in addition to a day-to-day business.

High complexity

The above list is certainly not conclusive and shows the high complexity involved in such a process.

It is not the individual decision that is making this process so difficult. It is the sum of many decisions, that have to be made within a  short time and in the right order.

Here a single person is regularly overburdened, since every decision also has an impact on the other areas.

Lack of neutral contact persons

The complexity of a succession is increased by the fact that almost every familiar person from the entrepreneur’s environment is affected or involved and therefore cannot argue completely neutrally.

Spouses, children, tax advisors, etc. are personally biased and stand out as neutral contacts.

When entrepreneurs recognize this complexity, something, that is completely human, often happens.

They are overwhelmed by the task and postpone it or initially devote themselves to other topics. This brief description is intended to explain why the topic of succession is often approached half-heartedly. In most cases, a single person is heavily burdened with this complex and time-consuming task.

Our recommendation:

We support you in determining what is the best decision for you personally. Making complex tasks and decisions in a relatively short sequence is what we do on a daily basis.

The first step is to call and get in touch with us.

We guarantee that we will find the best solution for you and everyone involved. When we give such a guarantee, you also need to know what it is in detail.

Everto Successor package with satisfaction guarantee

In a predefined period, usually three to six months, we analyse and evaluate possible options for you. We prepare the results so that you can make a clear and well-founded decision based on them.This shows what is the best solution for you.

After this process, our cooperation automatically ends and you decide whether and with whom you want to continue working. Through our cooperation, however, you automatically take a big step towards decision making. You will receive recommendations for action elaborated and comprehensible by us.

What does guarantee mean in this case?

For us satisfied customers are the basis of a good cooperation. Therefore, we explicitly assure you that you can cancel the cooperation with us at any time.  We always present our work for one month. If you as a customer are not satisfied, please inform us by the end of the month at the latest. As a result, no invoice will be created for this month. This ensures right from the start that you are always in control of the procedure and that you only pay if you are able to see a further development.

We can give this guarantee with a clear conscience based on our many years of experience, since we know that what counts most in our cooperation is performance and optimum results.

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Succession planning for your company

Everto Consulting – because we help you to preserve your life’s work

We are pleased that you are interested in our consulting services for „succession planning“. First of all, the good news: We give you a guarantee of success and accompany you on the way to a succession plan for your company that is sustainable and meets your expectations. We have many years of experience in succession planning and have already successfully implemented many succession arrangements.

Everto Consulting – because many have a say in succession planning an many are affected

The sale of a company – especially as part of a succession plan – is a complex process that affects not only the senior manager, but his family, customers, employees, consultants and financing partners. The personal, emotional and family levels are just as important as the business, tax, inheritance and time aspects. Succession planning in a company is a very time-consuming process which, apart from day-to-day work, is hardly manageable. Many decisions have to be made within the shortest time in the right order.

Usually a neutral contact person is missing, because the closest environment of the entrepreneur is likewise affected by the decision over the sales or the continuation of the enterprise. It is therefore understandable that entrepreneurs often show a completely human reaction due to the diversity of these requirements and keep postponing the sale of the company into the future.

Do you recognize yourself in this account? Then Everto Consulting is the right partner for you. We know your situation and can help you to find a succession plan that meets your expectations and also appreciates your life’s work.

Everto – because we give you a guarantee of satisfaction in succession planning

We know how complex it is for senior executives to regulate their succession in their day-to-day business almost incidentally. This only works in the rarest of cases. Our goal is to find the best solution for you, your family, your employees and investors. We know the biggest obstacles that cause many company successions to fail and know how to avoid them: How to help in raising equity for potential interested parties and thus realise the purchase price financing.

It is helpful if you include us in your succession planning at an early stage. We analyse and evaluate your options for action within a specified period of time. This creates the basis for a sound decision. Whether you want to continue working with us afterwards is up to you. We provide you with the construction plan for your succession, but we are also happy to accompany the implementation if you wish.

With Everto Consulting you do not enter into long-term commitments. On the contrary, each month you have the opportunity to take stock and give us feedback on our work. We want you to be satisfied and give you a guarantee: If your opinion of our work is negative, we will not issue an invoice.